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The average person looking to lose fat makes two tremendous mistakes; eating too little and not drinking enough water.  I will explain how you can lose at least two pounds a week by supplying your body with necessary nutrients - real food and lots of water.

Losing weight is a simple mathematical formula: You need to burn more calories than you eat.  To burn more calories, you should raise your metabolism.  Not eating enough lowers your metabolism.  Skipping breakfast and snacks contributes to fat accumulation.

When your body does not have calories in the morning, or throughout the day, your brain slows the body’s natural processes for lack of energy.  This lowers your metabolism.  During your nightly rest, your body depletes its energy reserves through the process of revitalizing and repairing itself.  You need to eat upon awakening and break the fast!

When you fail to consume calories in the morning and the brain lowers your metabolism, much of the calories consumed at lunch are stored as fat!  Two factors influence this fat consumption.  First, the body’s appetite from not getting breakfast often causes one to overeat due to sudden hunger.  Second, because the metabolism is lower and the body’s processes are running so slowly, the body is able to make do with less calories and store more fat.

Your body wants to store fat!  It is a primal force which ensures survival! 

Stop the body from storing more fat by eating breakfast.

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