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In the effort to shed unwanted body fat, moderate calorie restriction is the most important habit to develop.  many people make the broad assumption that the more calories they restrict, the more fat they will shed.  They often fail to understand that calorie restriction can work against them in the worst way, by eliciting the starvation response.

The starvation response is a primal mechanism, wherein the body believes there is no food available, so the hypothalamus reduces the body's metabolism and catabolizes muscle tissue for energy.  These negative changes are often long lasting and hinder any temporary fat loss success by causing the 'yo-yo effect' of first losing, then quickly regaining weight.

Your metabolism determines how much energy you use and how many calories your body burns.  you want to encourage a high metabolism.  your muscle tissue requires energy just to exist.  Allowing the body to catabolize muscle tissue effects your body in the very worst way, because of the permanence of lost muscle.  Muscle does not just 'come back,' but must be developed through use and need.  Allowing the starvation response to occur and both lower your metabolism while diminishing your muscle tissue must be avoided completely.

Your first step towards healthy, moderate calorie restriction is to eat less of packaged foods.  If the food comes in a wrapper, bag or box, you should try to eat less of it and find a healthier substitute

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