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If you think getting fit is difficult, you are not alone. Many people find it hard to get started, for many different reasons.

Do any of these reasons sound like you?

  • I canít exercise because I donít have any equipment
  • I donít have time to exercise
  • I donít know how to exercise
  • My parents/guardian arenít active
  • Exercise sounds so boring to me
  • Equipment or health clubs cost too much


Kinds of exercise

What to wear when you exercise

What to do before and after you exercise

Exercise, food, and water

Tracking your success

If you can relate to any of these statements, it is important that you read on for tips on leading an active lifestyle. You donít have to be an athlete or be involved in an organized sport to be fit. You just have to sit less and move more! It is also important to get other members of your family moving, too.

Make a fitness plan and attempt to stick to it!

There are lots of other things that might get in the way of regular exercise. You might think your schedule is full or you are not sure how to get started. For each situation, there is a solution.

Once you get past these challenges, decide when you are going to exercise and which activities you would like to do.
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