A Successful Fitness Program is often the first step


toward physical fitness.

The benfeit of having a personal trainer design your program is that the program will be all encompassing, safe and very sucessful. 

FITT for Life offers both In-Home or Studio Weight Training and we design training programs specific to individual clients needs.

The benefits of a professionally designed program include:

  • Correcting Muscle Imbalances And Conditioning The Body

  • Focusing On Certain Body Parts i.e. Chest And Arms, the Stomach And Thighs, Abs And Shoulders

  • Burning Fat While Saving Muscle Mass For A “Beach Body”

  • Increasing Raw Strength

  • Improving Overall Athletic Conditioning

  • Correcting Muscle Imbalances That Have Developed Over The Years

  • Adding Overall Muscle Mass And Strength

  • Adding Strength And Muscle Size

  • Improving Muscle Tone And Muscle Shape

  • Building Maximum Strength And Flexibility

  • Improving Sport Specific Power And Strength


FITT for Life encourages physical fitness for everybody by offering numerous Do-It-Yourself tips as a free Resource.  Whether you are depending on a personal trainer to design and help implement your Weight Training routine or plan to design your own, here are some tips for beginning exercise

  • Build up your endurance gradually, starting out with as little as 10 to 30 minutes of endurance activities at a time.

  • Starting out at a lower level of effort and working your way up gradually is especially important if you have been inactive for a long time. It may take weeks to go from a very long-standing sedentary lifestyle to a moderately active one.

  • The goal is to work your way up, eventually, to a moderate-to-vigorous level that increases your breathing and heart rate. It should feel somewhat hard to you.

  • Once you reach your goal, you can divide your exercise into sessions of no less than 10 minutes at a time, if you want to, as long as they add up to a total of a minimum of 30 minutes at the end of the day. Doing less than 10 minutes at a time won’t give you the desired cardiovascular and respiratory system benefits. (The exception to this guideline is when you are just beginning to do endurance activities.)

  • Your goal is to build up to 30 to 60 minutes of endurance exercise on most days of the week. More often is better but be sure to listen to your body and give it rest when needed..

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Fitt For Life is locally owned, employing Jacksonville Florida metro area certified personal trainers that offer custom Pilates and fitness training programs.  Personalized in-home and in-studio trainer services are available for the Jax Florida metro area and cities of St. Augustine and Ponte Vedra Beach.

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