When Considering Establishing New Fitness Habits, Ask Yourself This Question:

Are you merely INTERESTED in fitness and changing your eating patterns... or are you COMMITTED to SUCCEED?


How you envision your desire to get fit sets you up for success or failure.  Do you feel totally determined to stick with personal training and efforts or do you allow for a possibility of choosing otherwise?  If you tend to start and stop every time you diet or exercise, you may want to look at the difference between being INTERESTED and being COMMITTED.


With INTERESTED, you tend to stay with your plans only until something better comes along.  You may decide that you're interested in losing weight, but when something really enticing comes along, you go off your diet, planning to restart tomorrow or even worse, Monday (which allows a self-righteous splurge of gluttony.)  When you’re just interested in getting fit, you depend on seeing results to keep you on target.  As long as the scale keeps moving, you stay motivated.  But if you don’t see much progress, you’ll grow frustrated or bored and quit exercising or training.


With COMMITTED, you have an entirely different outlook.  Unlike being interested, where it doesn’t take much to detract you from your goals, being committed means you stick with it, no matter what!  Rather than depending on results to help you stay on track, you work on keeping your motivation strong, knowing that results will follow.  You don’t blame circumstances or other people for your struggles.  Instead, you stay on your plan in spite of not having enough time or the benefit of constant weight loss. 


The keys to establishing a new mental outlook, breaking bad habits and developing healthy new ones are MOTIVATION, KNOWLEDGE and REPETITION.  Start by adopting a ‘no matter what’ attitude and convincing yourself you can stay with your goals, regardless of your daily challenges.  By believing each day and each moment afford the opportunity for change and by learning to establish simple habits that enable you to start greater habits,  you can SUCCEED! 

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