Kirkland Elderly Health Information

Elderly Health Information

Every year there are 36,000 deaths, 114,000 hospitalizations, 25 million
physician visits, and an additional 30–60 million milder
infections (1). Death and severity of illness are correlated
with increasing age and underlying conditions. Persons at
high risk for influenza complications include persons >65
years of age, residents of chronic-care facilities, and persons
with chronic medical conditions, such as pulmonary,
metabolic, or cardiovascular disorders; renal dysfunction;
immunocompromised conditions; and splenic absence or
dysfunction. Because ≈30% of the U.S. population 50–64
years of age have one or more conditions that warrant
influenza vaccination (1) and because age-based recommendations
are easier to implement, 50 years of age has
now been established as the time for beginning the universal
annual influenza vaccination (13).