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Increasing Portion

fittforlife.com Trends in Increasing Portion Sizes - Portions

Increasing Portion. A study by Smiciklas-Wright et al.8 illustrates the difficultly of assessing whether larger portion sizes are being consistently consumed. Their study of self-reported energy intake of food eaten at home compares quantities per eating occasion (portion size) using CSFII data from 1989-1991 and 1994-1996. The results showed that about one-third of the 107 commonly eaten foods showed significant differences in portion size. The majority of foods with significant differences were larger sizes in 1994 ­1996, including seven types of grains and cereals (e.g., oat rings, pasta, spaghetti with tomato sauce), and 11 beverages, such as orange juice, all soft drinks, beer, wine, and fruit drinks. Smaller portion sizes in 1994-1996 were reported for macaroni and cheese, pizza, chicken, bacon, margarine, and mayonnaise. No foods showed significant differences in portion sizes between the survey years for every age and sex category in this study.


Originally published by the CDC