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Portion Size: Then and Now

fittforlife.com Portion Size: Then and Now

It is no secret that portion sizes, as well as waistlines, in this country are expanding. The Dietary Guidelines for Americans 20051 urge Americans to pay special attention to portion sizes, which have increased significantly over the past 2 decades.  Restaurant meals of all kinds have gotten larger with an emphasis on getting more food for the money.  However, the rise of portion sizes is not limited to restaurants alone.  Bags of snack foods or soft drinks in vending machines and the grocery store are offered in larger and larger sizes that contain multiple servings while a 1-ounce bag of snack food or an 8-ounce soft drink, which are the recommended single serving sizes, are very difficult to find.   Americans are surrounded by larger portion sizes at relatively low prices, appealing to the consumer's economic sensibilities. However, the cost to America's health may be higher than most people realize.


Originally published by the CDC