Personal Trainer Staff

Why Hire A Personal Trainer?

When you hire a personal trainer, you are not just purchasing their physical presence and guidance through your workouts, but also their education, experience, knowledge and expertise with program development and design.

Our bodies have more than 200 bones, over 600 muscles and approximately 230 moveable and semi-moveable joints.
Let's face it, our bodies are extremely complex!
Personal trainers have been educated in these complexities and therefore, are uniquely qualified to help you achieve your physical fitness goals as safely and quickly as possible. In addition, Personal Trainers are continuously re-educating themselves to make sure they keep up to date with the latest and greatest fitness programs, exercises and techniques, while distinguishing between the fitness marketing hype.


Alan K.

Alan holds an ACE Certification and has been living the strict fitness lifestyle for over five years. He has experience working with various demographics, from teens to the elderly, and has achieved tremendous success helping them reach their fitness goals. His primary specialties are strength and muscle building, but his is also very accomplished in leaning out, fat loss and functional training.
Alan remains a perpetual student, constantly studying and expanding his understanding of physiology to better serve his clients and help motivate them to achieve success. From Alan "I've been living the fitness lifestyle for years and it has changed my life!
I can do the same for you, whether you want to be slimmer and fitter, stronger and more muscular, or just overall healthier and feeling better. I've worked with a broad spectrum of the population ranging from teenagers to the elderly, there's no age limit to achieving fitness and anyone can get in shape with motivation, the right tools and knowledge.
A lot of people toil away in gyms and still never get where they want to be. I will help you avoid the wasted time and guesswork by showing you exactly what you need to do to get the results you want. Work with me and get it right the first time!"