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Sean is a gentle but firm hand at your back to encourage you along your road to fitness and health. Since starting with him, we have enjoyed more energy, strength, and the peace of mind that comes with better physical health. Not only have his dynamic workouts been fun and effective, but Sean's awesome culinary skills have opened our eyes to new and interesting ways to prepare tasty foods to fuel our bodies and please our palates.  We would highly recommend him to anyone who is serious about improving their fitness level and leading a healthy lifestyle. He is also an

all-around nice guy!  -  Eric and Jess


I was reluctant to hire a personal trainer at first, but the convenience of working out at home as well as the flexibility of scheduling made Fitt for Life a great option for me. Working with Sean not only boosted my strength and fitness levels but also my self confidence. Sean works at a high level of professionalism and strives to help his clients achieve their goals. - Claire

I look forward to my training sessions with Sean.  They have helped me to lose weight and gain muscle while improving my overall health and fitness.  He is very knowledgeable about, and pays attention to the details of, proper exercise technique.  At the same time, he varies the workout sessions content to keep them interesting.  I highly recommend Sean as a Personal Trainer - Bob

I have been life-long athlete and sports lover.  Training with Sean has taken my game to a whole other level.  His training technique is first rate and crafted for the individual.  He does not allow you to be complacent, every workout is a new challenge to be embraced.  I travel frequently for business, so developing strength and stamina keeps me sharp and energized, while my competitors wilt.  I highly recommend Sean to every person, regardless of age or physical development, he is a winner. - Tad

Not only has Sean helped our family become healthier through exercise, but his knowledge of nutrition has helped us find healthier and tastier food for us to enjoy.  At mealtime one day, our five year old son said, "Mommy I like everything heal"f"y for my body because it's good for me!" - Renee

Since I have been training with Sean, I feel much stronger.  When gardening, I can now carry forty pound bags of mulch with ease.  When I go out to dinner with my family, they are all impressed with how toned and fit I am.  They have asked me to flex my biceps like a bodybuilder and then were impressed at how tight my skin was.  At the age of 51, Iím healthier now than I have ever been in my life.  Thanks to my personal trainer, Sean Callahan - Mary Lou

Since I've started training, I have more energy and Iím more excited about life.  There are so many things I want to do and I feel so much more is now possible.  I am finally, truly living my life!!! - Melissa

For a long time I wasn't sure if training was working for me.  I went to the gym and had good workouts, but I wasn't seeing a lot of results.  After training with Sean, I've been able to see myself change. I walk taller, I'm more aware of things and I feel more confident.  I honestly feel so much better. - Ben

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