We welcome people of all ages and abilities to challenge themselves to their ultimate fitness performance!  Whether you are

  • Tired of those unwanted pounds of body fat

  • Training for an upcoming season

  • Trying to improve your golf game

  • or just Ready to transform your body forever,

Choose this program for fast results!

  • The Rapid Results program is a very intense program, in that we push our clients to their limits with each workout.

  • Typically, a Rapid Results program will consist of four circuits or supersets of five to ten exercises, with one to two minute cool downs between supersets. 

  • A superset is a group of exercises performed back to back with no break between each exercise.

The tempo of the exercise pattern is usually


  • moderate

  • hard

  • moderate

  • hard, etc

An example circuit would be:


  • front raises

  • forward press

  • single arm curls

  • reverse flyes

  • tricep pressbacks


  • A heart rate monitor is worn at all time to prohibit against pulmonary over-exertion. 

  • Each session is broken down into 45-50 minutes of training and 10-15 minutes of stretching. 

  • We believe stretching is equally as important as the training itself, in that joint mobility and range of motion are decreased through exercise without stretching. 

Each workout will be custom designed to push the individual to their maximum potential.  Breaks are given as needed and the pace is adjusted to match each clients fitness level.  As fitness levels go up, so does the pace


These programs are not for the faint-hearted and offer very intense training routines.  The routines consist of 45-50 minutes of almost non-stop movement, followed by the cool down and stretching.  Each routine will be adjusted to maximize your capability while pushing the folds of your endurance.  Safety, through observation and through the use of heart rate monitors, is well practiced and assured.


These programs are designed for those who are serious about making changes now...choose Rapid Results to get you results FAST!

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