Pilates is a particularly suitable choice for pregnant women, since it is a safe, low-impact form of exercise that tones and strengthens the back, stomach and pelvic floor muscles: the very muscles needed during pregnancy. Also, because it often does not feel like hard work, the chance to develop into a habit is greater. pil2.jpg

You should check with your doctor before beginning any new kind of exercise during pregnancy. It can be hard to force yourself to start exercising during pregnancy, especially during the first trimester when you might be feeling tired and sick, and in the third trimester, when you may be exhausted and uncomfortable.  Despite these obstacles, establishing a good exercise habit will greatly improve your health during your pregnancy and your recovery after the birth.

Many women first discover Pilates either when they are pregnant or have just given birth.  Pilates develops muscular strength and stamina (for labor and delivery), flexibility and balance (for when you get larger), and increases vascular flow, enabling the baby better access to nutirients. The exercises can be adapted for each stage of pregnancy and also relieve lower back pain, decrease constipation, and energize the body to fight tiredness.

Pilates exercises will help strengthen muscles that usually weaken with the weight of pregnancy. Pilates can prevent swollen legs and varicose veins, improve posture, increase blood circulation, thus increasing the supply of oxygen and nutirients to the womb. Pilates breathing, meanwhile, helps with breath control during childbirth.

You may, of course, need to do Pilates in a modified or gentler way while pregnant, and to make sure you stop the moment that you feel any discomfort.

Women can generally return to Pilates four to six weeks after delivery, or eight to 12 weeks after a Caesarean section.

For new mothers, Pilates will stretch muscles back into place, helping the body regain its shape and tone. The exercises won't overstrain the obese, and we will customize the routine for each client, providing a safe and effective workout that is not too stressful for the abdominal area or spine, even in those who have had a Caesarean delivery.

Pilates is also an excellent choice for women thinking about starting a family. Develop those core muscles, especially the pelvic floor, to get the strength you'll need for childbirth and the resilience to cope with your body's physical changes during pregnancy.

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