home   I have been working on decreasing the amount of white rice from my diet to make it healthier. As a Latino, my family likes rice with all meals, so I have tried to introduce brown rice in my family diet.  Although this change should benefit us a lot, my family doesn't like the new rice.  I had already switched from white bread to whole grain bread and that change was OK, but now my family hasn't been very happy about the rice.  What else is there?
Try a variety of long grain rice or other forms of starch, like bulgur wheat.


If you would like to continue to eat white rice while increasing the nutrient value of your food, you could switch to basmati or long-grain white rice as an alternative to brown rice.  Basmati rice has an awesome flavor and is quite aromatic.  I always double-wash basmati, to remove all of the excess starch, and the result is an amazingly fluffy rice.  If you are concerned with taste and also your family's opinion, try basmati or jasmine rice.  They both are loaded with nutrients and much healthier than short grain white rice.  Additionally, you can add saffron and sea salt to make it a flavorful "yellow rice."  Just be sure the ingredients do not list MSG.











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