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The frequency of workouts should vary between 3-5 times a week, depending upon goals, fitness level and exercise history.


The proper frequency of training can be determined by learning and employing the FITT Principle.


Thousands of people go to the gym three to five times a week, do some form of  cardio or resistance training for up to an hour and continuously fail to see results.  These same people are sure that their chosen cardio equipment or workout routine can work and believe they just need to exercise harder or longer or more often to see the results again. 


Three factors are working against them. 


First, their steadfast belief that what worked once will work again if  it is done longer or more often. 


Second, their body's survival mechanism seeks to complete any given activity with the least amount of spent energy, (adaptability.) 


Third, these exercise enthusiasts are unaware of, have not been trained in, and are not employing the FITT Principle


What they do not understand is that once their bodies have adapted to the particular forms of cardio or exercise, another challenging form of cardio or exercise must be chosen to continue seeing results.  By using the FITT Principle when structuring or modifying a cardio or exercise  regimen, continued success can be achieved.


    The FITT Principle is an acronym  for:

     Frequency - The number of training days

         Intensity - The amount of stress placed upon the body

             Time - The length of the workout

                  Type - The different exercise applications


     Most everyone who exercises employs parts of the FITT Principle unknowingly.  Most people who exercise find that to continue to see results, they must workout harder (Intensity), longer (Time) or more often (Frequency.)  What they fail to realize is that their bodies adapt to the stress of the chosen exercise by developing ways to conserve energy.  

     I recommend employing the FITT Principle to determine the amount of days (Frequency) you should work out each week and also to change the Type of machines used.  Remember to modify the FITT variables every two to three weeks to continue to see success. Not adjusting the Type of machines used is the biggest mistake hundreds of thousands of people make. By learning and applying the FITT Principle, workouts can become shorter, less frequent, and less intense, while seeing GREATER RESULTS! 


The FITT Principle is recognized and supported globally by the Fitness Industry and the US FEDERAL GOVERNMENT.











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