home   I have recently tried to stop eating white bread and start eating more wheat bread.  Do all wheat breads have the same nutrition or are some better than others?
Look for 'Ground Whole Wheat' as the first ingredient and as a rule of thumb, the less ingredients, the better.


Something to consider: Many wheat breads, made with highly processed, enriched wheat flour, are just brown colored white breads that offer no improvement in fiber or nutrient value. 

If you are really looking to make a healthier choice, make sure whatever breads you purchase do not list enriched flour an ingredient.  

"Enriched" indicates that the processing of the flour stripped the flour of its 20 natural vitamins, minerals and enzymes, making it nutritionally void.  Chemically created vitamins were then added to "enrich" the flour.  In addition to these chemicals, polyoxyethlene monostearate was added to keep the flour moist, potassium iodate was added to reduce fermentation time, and in the case of all white bread and most wheat breads (usually made with regular flour as a third or fourth ingredient), chlorine dioxide was used to bleach the flour.  Yes, the average loaf of bread is filled with chemicals. 

There are a dozen or so wheat breads that list "whole wheat flour" as their first ingredient and these breads are the preferable choice to enriched breads.  Although many wheat breads at the grocery store are made with enriched flour, you can find soft, delicious whole wheat varieties that are full of nutrients if you avoid the enriched varieties.











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