A diabetic exercise program is one of the BEST WAYS to control diabetes!  Diabetes is caused when the level of sugar in blood is above the normal range.  Diabetes exercise programs not only help you lower your blood sugar level, but also help to lower the risk of heart diseases, which is common among diabetes patients.  Apart from that, an exercise program also improves your overall health, both physical and mental.

It is important to check your blood sugar levels before and after exercise, because exercise and workouts have a great impact on the level of blood sugar.  Usually, diabetes is caused when muscles become insensitive to the insulin present in the body.  One benefit of an exercise program is that your body can become more and more sensitive to the insulin present in the body, which in turn will help controlling the level of glucose present in your blood.  If your blood sugar level is abnormal - either too high or too low, you should wait for your blood sugar level to become normal before you start exercising.

Usually, any form of exercise is beneficial for the diabetic.  Finding motivation to exercise is generally the problem and oftentimes, mental fatigue or despair futher hinders exercise attempts.   If you do want to start an exercise program, the first thing that need be done is an increase in activity level.  These activities can be very basic and can include walking, interval jogging, cycling, taking the stairs, swimming,etc.  In fact, any common exercise that increases the heart rate is a good start for diabetes patients.

 Diabetic Programs

Our individualized Diabetic Exercise Programs are designed to reach your fitness goals and help improve glucose sensitivity.  Our habit building skills allow clients a boost in self-esteem and also increase activity levels while encouraging weight loss. 

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